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first christmas personalised

Image of first christmas personalised


monday december 4th:
please note if you do order from now on your order will be despatched by the end of FEBRUARY 2018
we are leaving the ordering system open as many of our customers don't want to forget for next year, or only discover this work at christmas... please note our studio is closed through january and there is now not enough time to process your order and have it sent before christmas this year (2017)
ORDERS TAKEN AFTER NOV 15th MAY not reach by christmas, we will do our very best, but please know this when ordering... ORDER ASAP TO RECEIVE THEM THIS YEAR....

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS CLOSE OCT 31 NO we will do our best to get them to you before christmas but they may not arrive before santa.... please note this before ordering

we've had many requests for a first christmas ornament, and with the help of my friend sarah bowe and her calligraphic skills we've made this sweet one....

measuring 8cm from point to point it is a new shape and size to the normal personalised stars...

These Christmas stars are a treasured keepsake. We have been making them for many years now, selling them in only a few select stores in Australia.

We are making these stars now year round to keep up with demand.
Please note the following timing for orders....

Stars ordered AFTER September 1st will be despatched no later then by the END of the first week in December 2017, PLEASE ALLOW SHIPPING TIME WITH THIS and know the sooner you order the sooner you will have them... most orders turn around within 6 weeks this time of year so there is a good chance you will get them WELL before that date.

please note for christmas, depending on shipping times from Brisbane it could be 'into' december that your order arrives. we suggest the sooner you order before the cut off the better for speed of turn around...

Each star ordered is $16.95.

They are made with a creamy earthenware clay with a gloss glaze on the front and text in red (lowercase as shown), with a tied cream ribbon for hanging.

They measure approx:
6.5cm x 6 cm (2.55" x 2.35")

Please read and follow clearly the ordering instructions below:

Stars are available with:
* single names
* two names separated by an '&'
* two words like: johnson family
* we can also add the year on it eg: kylie 2011.

important: there is not a lot of room for wording so the options listed above are all that is available.

Please note: each letter or number is hand stamped and this creates a quirky organic name, they are not created by a machine, so there is an element of play in the final result


place the order via the checkout, placing the amount of stars required as a QTY (quantity) and then in a SECOND STEP


subject : personalised order

PLEASE type the names very very carefully as how they are written is how we will rewrite them on the star.
AND please don't write a message and your name etc... JUST THE NAMES required ON THE STARS, with a comma in between, THERE HAVE BEEN MANY SMALL BUT COSTLY MISTAKES WITH TOO MUCH INFORMATION... (thank you x)

Separate each star by using a comma
(this is very important !!!!)


kylie, luke, sarah & peter, johnson family, michelle 2010.

the number of stars listed should correspond with the number of stars ordered.

we will email you to confirm within the week or your order being placed (please note as christmas approaches we get quite inundated with these treasured keepsakes and we will reply as soon as possible, but know that if you get a reply from paypal and big cartel, we have also received this information) we will also check that all information required is correct and the star/s will be on their way to being created !

all orders are sent via registered mail, and if you order other items with these stars from our store, we will send the whole order together when the stars are ready if you require these other items sooner, please let us know and we can organise separate shipping, or simply make two orders...

please write
PICKUPINSTORE (as one word) in the discount code section of the checkout (and press update total), this will not charge you postage and PLEASE FOLLOW WITH AN EMAIL TO TELL US YOU WOULD LIKE TO PICK UP IN STORE.... thank you x